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Proposed Covenant of Right Relations

Several years ago, as part of our preparation for calling a minister, we embarked on a project to create a "Covenant of Right Relations", which is a document that represents our promise to each other about how we will conduct ourselves and communicate with each other.  It was always intended as a living document, and over the past two years we've been re-evaluating our Covenant in order to bring it more to the front of our church life. Below is new proposed language for a Covenant of Right Relations. We will be voting on this language in our May 21 Congregational Meeting. If you have comments about this proposal please contact board members Doug or Elaine


Covenant of Right Relations

James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation

This covenant represents the promises we make to ourselves about how we want to treat each other. May it be a source of renewal and inspiration as we continue to come together, working to transform ourselves and the world.

As a member of JRUUC, I will:

  • Engage from a place of authenticity and strive to be my best whole self.
  • Welcome all with a hospitality that is radical in its selflessness, generosity, and kindness.  Be curious and practice compassionate inclusion.
  • Listen deeply and with an open heart and mind.
  • Communicate directly and respectfully with everyone. Address any individual concerns with the person involved. Speak only for myself.
  • Be generous with my time, talent, and treasure. Seek to find a balance that meets my own needs and those of the congregation.
  • Ask for and accept help and nourishment.
  • Follow through on my commitments.
  • Assume good intentions. Expect and accept differences in each person’s truth or point of view. Find space for disagreement and work to find common ground.
  • Stay informed on the needs of the congregation. Be willing to be part of the solution.
  • Honor the appropriate channels to pursue projects, requests, and concerns.
  • Respect people’s time and commitments and their need to set boundaries or say no.
  • Appreciate the gifts of the minister and staff. Compensate them fairly and respect their roles.
  • Serve as an example in words and actions for our children and youth. Include them and their contributions in the life of the congregation while respecting their individuality and developmental stages and being mindful of their physical and emotional safety.
  • Advocate for UU principles and our congregational mission in the larger community.
  • Have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of our congregation.
  • Forgive myself and others and reconcile after any breaks with the covenant.