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Covenant of Right Relations

This Covenant of Right Relations was affirmed at the Congregational Meeting in May 2013.

A covenant of right relations represents the promises we make to ourselves about how we want to treat each other. This is a document that will evolve over the years to meet the needs of our congregation, but for now it stands as a reminder of our shared vision. These promises cultivate an environment of courage and empathy. May they also be a source of renewal and inspiration as we continue to come together, working toward peace, justice and sustainability.

The members of the James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation value clear, direct and honest communication, showing respect for each other's point of view. We are committed to providing fair compensation and support for our staff. We strive for radical hospitality and acceptance of ourselves, our fellow members and our community. We have declared our intention to "Stand on the Side of Love".

Member to Self
I will:

  •  Be my best whole self; acting out of love and keeping an open mind.
  •  Have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of our congregation.
  •  Practice radical self-acceptance, giving attention to my deeper needs, motivations and limitations.
  •  Be generous with time, talent and treasure. Ask for and accept help and nourishment.
  •  Follow through on my commitments and take responsibility for my words and actions.
  •  Strive to find a balance that meets my own needs and those of the congregation.
  •  Actively explore my spirituality by experimenting and sharing my insights and values.
  •  Forgive myself and remember my intention to recommit after any breaks in the covenant.

Member to Member
I will:

  •  Practice radical kindness and act out of love.
  •  Welcome those with different abilities and challenges with compassion.
  •  Listen to others and share my own stories so that I may know and be known.
  •  Expect and accept differences in each person’s truth or point of view. Find space for disagreement and work to find common ground.
  •  Communicate directly, with respect for others and speak only for myself.
  •  Assume good intentions with an open heart and forgive when needed.
  •  Respect each other’s commitments, the value of their time, their need to set boundaries or say no. Lead when and how I am able.
  •  Attend and participate in services, events, meetings and initiatives within the congregation to the best of my ability.

Member to Leadership & BOT
I will:

  •  Get to know our leaders and their roles. Appreciate their time and effort.
  •  Accept and support change in leadership and in each member’s level of involvement in the congregation.
  •  Give feedback to our leaders and bring my ideas, opinions and appreciation to share. Be willing to be part of the solution.
  •  Support our leaders with adequate resources and stay informed about the needs of our congregation.
  •  Assume good intentions and express disagreement honestly and respectfully.
  •  Trust that our leaders are doing their best work for our congregation and respect their decisions.
  •  Communicate directly and in a timely manner.
  •  Use the appropriate channels within our organization to pursue projects, requests or concerns.

Member to Minister
I will:

  •  Value and appreciate the Minister's gifts, experiences, and knowledge both professionally and personally.
  •  Acknowledge and accept the limitations and boundaries of the Minister's roles,responsibilities, and time both professionally and personally.
  •  Financially support the Minister with fair compensation, professional development and a safe and efficient work environment.]
  •  Engage from a place of authenticity, assuming best intentions and avoiding triangulation, while honoring and respecting the appropriate channels to pursue projects, requests and concerns.

Member to Staff
I will: 

  • Value and appreciate the Staff's gifts, experiences, and knowledge both professionally and personally.
  •  Acknowledge and accept their professional limitations and boundaries of their roles, responsibilities and hours.
  •  Financially support the Staff with fair compensation, professional development and a safe and efficient work environment.
  •  Communicate directly and in a timely manner.
  •  Use the appropriate channels within our congregation to pursue projects, requests and concerns.
  •  Honor my commitments and contributions.

Member to Larger Community
I will:

  •  Work toward peace, justice and sustainability.
  •  Endorse and support our UU Principles and Values, encouraging others to do so as well.
  •  Participate in the wider UU community and activities, including General Assembly and Regional Meetings.
  •  Be a good steward of our building and grounds, creating an environment that is safe, sustainable and beautiful.
  •  Engage in Radical Hospitality with neighbors, visitors and faith based organizations.
  •  Participate and have a presence in community events, especially those that are supportive of UU Principles and Values.