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Courageous Conversations on Culture

“White Supremacy Culture” has been in the news lately, both nationally and within the Unitarian Universalist denomination.  What does that phrase even mean and reference?  What choices do we have to better understand it—and ultimately create a more just culture?

Join Rev. Karen, members of JRUUC, and members of FUS to reflect on and discuss the characteristics of White Supremacy Culture.

Gatherings will occur at JRUUC on the following Mondays, 7–8:30 p.m.: 

September 18 – overview; right to comfort

October 16 – defensiveness

October 30 – perfectionism

November 20 – only one right way; paternalism

December 18 – sense of urgency

January 29 – quantity over quality; worship of the written word

February 19 – individualism; I’m the only one

March 19 – objectivity

April 16 – power hoarding; fear of open conflict

April 30 – either/or thinking; progress is bigger, more

May 21 – final reflections


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